Origins of Primal Clan ‘Kashyaps’

Origins of Primal Clan ‘Kashyaps’

Kashyap was one of the oldest, the primordial clans of ancient India. It’s named after an ancient sage of satyuga rishi Kashyap the first creators of human race, the first creators of cosmic wisdom, the universal databases.

Initially Kashyaps have been Brahmin, sage, bhakt, high priests but later some of them due to wars or different political situations had to choose some other professions. Some Kashyaps choose boating, fishing etc. as their profession, some of them were royal guards during British era and also served in army of sikh gurus. However, some of them became warriors side by side to act as protectors of their small tribes. They are premium cast in ancient Indian mountain regions and treated as first. Also, found in punjab, haryana, rajasthan etc.

There were times in ancient India perhaps when Kashyap men and women also married Rajput Kshatriyas and hence mixed their clan with Rajputs. Rajputs were warriors and had strict rules regarding marriage, due to which those girls/boys of outcast who married Rajput men or women were not accepted by the Rajput clans. It changed later however when they started marrying Muslim girls. Also, girls & boys of Rajput clan marrying different casts, either as their beloveds or as custom of Old Rajput kings to keep many patranis or women or wives in their palace.

Kashyap women were most were majourly marrying Rajput men which mixed their genes and clan which was later called as Kashyap Rajputs, which originally were either knowers of wisdom, the sages, high priest, witch doctors, brahmins [high or low level]. Hence, they are incorporated as OBC sometimes otherwise initially they were Brahmins and wizards of the old times.

We belong to Kashyap Dari clan of the ancient times which served as sages & knower of truth initially, the bhakts. Later took profession of, fishing, water & food supply and warriors in army of sikh gurus and during ancient war times too.

Dahri migrated to Persia too and have ancient Persian origins too. The word Dahri there means the people who follow the ways against the GOD, those who don’t believe that there was somebody who created or started this universe. Dahri were the followers of left hand path in Persia, the followers of chaos and the sacred dark currents beyond time and space.

Their wisdom was beyond as they know that there is something beyond the creator gods, something beyond time and space and it’s never ending. It has nothing to do with the so called concept of GOD or Allah but it’s beyond that, the true Al or EL. That’s beyond the Abyss of cosmos, the sacred chaos beyond time, beyond the good and evil known to anyone. The same concept was followed by Kemets/Egyptians, Greeks, Sumerians, Ancient Indians of Jambudweep. Those Dari people were the knowers of sacred secrets of cosmos, they were initially bhakts or sages or wizards, the wise men of old times.

Anaadi anant shiv

Dhan Kashyap maharaj

Dhan guru Nanak patshah

Following are the list Kashyap families/ Clans:

Aamwal/Aamwalay/Aamwaliye Alhad/Alhar/Alhada/Alhadiye Aluna/Alunay/Aluniye Afgan/Afganay/Afganiye Attar/Attra/Attray Bargota/Badgota/Bargotay/Badgotay Bagnihal/Bugnihal/Bagnihalay/Bugnihaliye Bahara/Baharay/Bahariye Bahaiyia/Bahaiye Baljotra/Baljotre/Baljotray Bajna/Bajnay/Bajniye Bachpure/Bachpuriye Baldi/Balday/Baldiye Balotra/Balotre Bamotra/Bamotre/Bamotray Banotra/Banotre/Banotray Bangi/Bangee/Bangay Baraina/Barainay/Baraniye Barki/Barkiye Bat/Bhat/Bhath/Bhatt Barni/Burni/Burnay/Burniye Behl/Behal/Bihal Bede/Beda/Beday Berha/Berhe Bhagda/Bhagra/Bhagray Bhagtora/Bhagotray Bhardwaj/Bhardwaji/Bhardwajiye Bhinda/Bhinde/Bhinday Bhika/Bhikhu/Bhikhay Bheeka/Bheeke Bharat/Bharath/Bharathiye Bhasula/Bhasule Bhogyan/ Bhojan/Bhogle Bhasulay/Bhasuliye Bhunhal/Bhunihalye Bhatiara/Bhathiara/Bhathiaray Bhatifa/Bhatifour/Bhatifaray Bhat/Bhutaha/Bhutt/Bhatti Boar/Boaray/Boariye Bole/Bolay Bug/Bogre/Bhogray Bundu/Bandu/Bunduay Chaiba/Chaibe/Chaibhay Cheb/Cheba/Chebe Chhabra/Chhabruary/Chhabruiye Chakda/Chakdra/Chakre/Chakray Chamda/Chamde/Chamday Chandai/Chandel/Chundal Chandale/Chandaliye Chapadia/Chapatia/Chapadiye Chapotda/Chapotra/Chaoptre Chauhan/Chohan/Choohan Chikdubba/Chikdubbay Chikdubbe/Chikddubiye Chittra/Chitray/Chitraye Chitradu/Chitraduay Chitodia/Chitodiya Chot/Chott Choond-Goond/Chund-Gund/Churgund Dablairh/Dablaihr Dadler/Dadleray/Dadleriye Dain/Dane/Daine/Dandiye Dandyal Daper/Dapera/Daperiye Daragri/Daragriye Dari/Dahri/Dhari Dhand/Thand Dherpat/Dherputt Dhappa/Dhappe/Dhappay Dhappha/Dhapphe/Dhapphay Dhinkli/Dhinkaliye Dhiunkli/Dhiunkliye Dhaunchak/Dhownchak Dhingra/Dhingray Dinga/Dingi/Dinge/Dingay Dhingi/Dhinge Diddi/Dadi Didpat/Darpat/Didpattiye Dogra/Dogre/Dogray Doha/Dohay/Dohae Dube/Dubay Dosanjh/Dusanjh/Dusad/Dusadh Dusnandh/Dosandh Fanda/Fande Famti/Famtiye Gadda/Gadde/Gadday Gaddar/Gadra Gadre/Gadray Gudra/Gudre/Gudray Gademar/Gadhemar/Gadmariye Gadri/Gadarhi Gaghial/Gaghialay/Gaghialiye Galna/Galne/Galnay Gangar/Gangad Gildhar/Gildhariye/Gildharay Gildar/Gildare Golda/Golde/Golday Gug/Gugiye Gumbhal/Gumbhalay/Gumbhaliye Gurna/Gurne/Gurnay/Gurniye Hunsari/Hansari/Hunsaree Hansaray Or Hansariye Hasria/Hasriya/Hasriye Hathar/Hutheray/Hathare Jakhotra/Jakhotre/Jakhotray Jamba/Jumba/Jumbe/Jambay Jarwana/Jarwanay/Jarwaniye Jaspat/Jaspattiye Jassal/Jassalay/Jassaliye Jaswal/Jaswalay/Jaswaliye Jhansal/Jhansalay/Jhansale Jhidang/Jhindange/Dhindangay Jhoja/Jhoje/Jhojay Jog/Joge/Jogay Jhagda/Jhagde/Jhagra/Jhagre Kabkhana/Kabkhanna/Kabkhunna Kabkhannay/Khabkhaniye Kankhane/Kankhanay Kabotra/Kabotre/Kabotray Kahar/Kahariye Kainth/Kaynth Kaila/Kaile/Kailay Kalyan/Kaliyan/Kaliyanay Kakharoo/Kakharu Kankharoo/Kankharu Kangra/Kunger/Kangre/Kangray Karthol/Kartholay/Kartholiye Khartol/Khadtol Katde/Katday/Kada/Kaday Katila/Katile/Katilay Kauda/Kaude Kaura/Kaure/Kauray Khabnotra/Khabnotre/Khabnotray Khanoji/Khanoja/Khanojiye Khanmotra/Khanmotre/Khanmotray Khandol/Khandolay/Khandoliye Khandalwal/Khandalway Khankharu/Khankharay/Khankhariye Khassa/Khasse/Khassay Khissi/Khissu/Khissiye Khisku/Khiskuay Khokhar/Khokharay Khona/Khone/Khonay/Khoniye Khurgad/Khurgudday/Khurguddiye Khutan/Khutana/Khutaniye Kogia/Kogiye Kundnu/Kundnuay/Kundniye Lakhanpal/Lakhanpalay/lakhanpaliye Lakhnotra/Lakhnotray Laliahana/Laliahane/Laliahanay Lamb/Lamba/Lambe/Lambay Lambsar/Lambsaray/Lambsariye Lumb/Lumba Lamsar/Lumsar/Lumsariye Lansar/Lansaray/Lansariye Lapotra/Laphotra/Laphotray Looteera/Looteere/Looteray Luteera/Luteere/Luteeray Mack/Muck/Mukh/Makh Madeel/Madil/Madilay Mahal/Mahale/Mahaliye/Mahalay Makoda/Makode/Makoday Makaura/Makaure/Makauray Malhotra/Malhotre/Malhotray Malra/Malre/Malray Mamhotra/Mamhotre/Mamhotray Mamotra/Mamotre/Mamotray Mandla/Mandle/Mandlay Manni/Manniye Manota/Manote/Manotay Marda/Marday/Mardaiye Marha/Marhe Marra/Marre/Murray Mausar/Mausaray/Mausariye Mihonch/Mihonchay Minhas/Manhas Mirania/Miranay/Miraniye Muckimar/Mukkimar Mulla/Mulle/Mullay Margachi/Murgachiye Makoda/Makode/Makoday Nakab/Nakabay/Nakabiye Nakkap/Nakkapiye Nang/Nangla/Nanglay Nagotra/Nagotre/Nagotray Nakotra/Nakotre/Nakotray Nariana/Narainay/Narainiye Neela/Neele/Neeleh/Neelay Noori/Noorie/Nuri/Nooriye Pabial/Pabiyal Pada/Padha/Padhe/Padday Panna/Panne/Pannay Pathania/Pathanay/Pathaniye Pathial/Pathialay/Pathialiye Patwal/Patwalay/Patwaliye Peedru/Pidru Phanda/Phande/Phanday Phamti/Phamtay/Phamtiye Phansa/Phansay/Phansiye Phing/Phingay/Phingiye Phirani/Phiraniye Phundu/Phundnuay/Phundniye Pamba/Pumba/Pambe/Pumbe Rachpuria/Rachpuray/Rachpuriya Ragdi/Rangaddi/Rangdi Rail/Rela/Raila/Railay Rall/Ralh Randan/Randanay/Randaniye Rangru/Rangruay/Rangruiye Rathore Ratra/Ratre/Ratray Rattra/Rattre/Rattray Rogi Roda/Rora/Rura/Roday/Rode Rohal/Ruhal Rahalu/Rahelu Rohilla/Rohillay Sadotra/Sadhotra/Sidhotra Sadotre/Sadhotray Sahotra/Sanhotra/Sanotra Sanhotre/Sanotray Sandhotra/Sandhotray Sanan/Sananiye Sandal/Sandalay/Sandaliye Sangha/Sanghe/Sanghay Sansoya/Sansoy/Sansoye Sunsoya/Sunsoye Sapolia/Sapoliye Sapoliya/Supoliye Sarmotta/Sirmotta/Sarmottay Saroha/Sarohay/Sarohiye Sathial/Sathiyal/Sathiyaliye Savaya/Savaye/Savayiye Saronch/Saronchay/Sironch saroha shethi/seth Suda/Suday/Sudde/Sodhi/Sooday Sukhjanga/Sukhjaga Sukhjange/Sukhjaggay Sukra/Sukray/Sukariye Suan/Suanay/Suaniye Shankerwalia/Shankerwaliye Tak/Taak/Tack Taina/Taini/Tawna Taine/Tainay/Tanniay Tamna/Tamne/Tamanay Tamani/Taminee Thand/Dhand Thapa/Thappa/Dhappha Thappe/Thappay/Dhappay Tanda/Tanday/Tande Tandar/Tinder Tindon/Tandon/Tindaniye/Tadaniya/Teraniya Taur/Taure/Tauray/Tour/Toor Toora/Tooray/Turay/Turaha/Toor Thapar/Thepra/Thepre Therpathay/Therputhiye Taitri/Tetri/Tetria/Tetriya Tuteera/Tutira/Tutire/Tuteeray Tomar/Tomer/Tanwar Udhana/Udahna Udahane/Udahanay Udiyang/Udeyang/Udiyangay Wadan/Vadan Wadanay/Wadaniye Wadhan/Wadhane


Amandeep Singh

Or #SwarAdi



Ancient Initiation ritual Templates

Ancient Initiation ritual Templates

Initiation is the starting of any education. In ancient India we called it Deeksha and after that Shiksha starts means the training.

When the student comes to the master he first gives them an overview and Initiates them into the starting of that particular art.

However, there have been students in history who have been self learners and very sharp learners. The learn just by listening or watching their masters. Such are the adepts, such are the students who are anointed by the Gods, by the cosmos itself.

Initiation is a feeling to accept that wisdom which we are just starting to learn. We all are initiated first by our mothers and fathers into walking, into speaking, into playing, into experiencing all human feelings and experiences of life. Hence, first our parents initiated us when we were born into their coven, their family. We were accepted as their heir by the ancestors.

Then, when our education begin we were initiated by our teachers into education. In similar way student are accepted by the masters and Initiated as their students into that particular occult art.

However, for those who still observe deep, those who still learn when there is no master around, then cosmos or nature becomes their master. Such students can do self Initiation.

That’s probably the oldest method, as it’s been the method of solitary ones, the sages, the enlightened masters.

Nothing between ye & the Astral realms.

Following are certain crafted Templates of self Initiation rituals. Please read and get Initiated by the cosmos directly.


Initiation by RA:

Get anointed by the power of Ra directly and not by humans.

In the morning go to see the rising sun.

Take deep breaths and visualize like you are breathing in the Ray’s of sun and Ray’s of sun are giving power to your body and soul. Cleaning your body.

Take one cup of water and visualize Ray’s of sun energizing water.

Sprinkle or pour some water on your head.

Now drink this water sip by sip and enjoy the water going inside your stomach. Feel each and every sensation. Just be aware of what you feel that’s meditation.

Now drink whole cup of water and meditate on it.


Sacred self initiation or initiation methods by different cults and religious societies:

Moon Initiation:

Similar can be done during dark of the moon to receive power of dark and primordial powers of chaos. Only the name sand chant would be changed accordingly.

It’s just like sun initiation. Only difference in ancient times witches use to follow this way to work with moon cycles. At the time of full moon be prepared with the following:

>> lighting Incense

>> Pic of thy saints or gods at your altar [can be very simple altar]

>> A paper to write sacred names or chants and draw power symbols of cross, ankh, five pointed start etc.

>> a cup of water or wine or sweet syrup

Be present in front of the full moon in thy undergarments or as preferred full naked. Visualize moon as sacred goddess & meditate on moons light and stare at it for sometime. Breath in the moons power, accept moons sacred light inside your body. Then close your eyes and visualize moons light falling on your body and soul, feel that moons light is washing away all thy negativity and anointing you with all the power to manifest.


Hail sacred Luna, O goddess i [ your name ], son of [ your mother’s & father’s name ], [ at country name ], [ at city & village & house name ]call upon thee to anoint me with all thy magical powers. Come and possess me, make me thy vessel, grant me thy power and blessings forever be at my side & unite me with true self.


Aum namah shivaya [chant all those gods name which ever you are devoted to]

Nu ankh amun

Amun Ra

Atum Ra

Ptah Ra

Khepra Ra

Dua Banebdjedet

Ya khnum

Ya isi osiris horus

Ya wasir

ya lucifer

With the cup of water in front of you or any drink in front of you offer and pour a little on the floor as an offering to the moon, drink a little and sprinkle some on your head and whole body.


Self initiation with your arc type god, Indian way:

>> Prepare your altar with pic of thy god like lord shiva, lord hanuman or rama or any goddess at your alter.

>> Have some Incense sticks to burn.

>> cup of water

>> Write the chant of thy god or which ever chant you wish to get initiated into on paper

Chant or pray:

[ your god name ] i [ your name ], son of [ your mother’s & father’s name ], [ at country name ], [ at city & village & house name ]call upon thee to anoint me with all thy magical powers. Come and possess me, make me thy vessel, grant me thy power and blessings forever be at my side & unite me with true self.

Visualize the whole cosmos & sky & all directions etc. falling upon you as a blessing and as an immense power and anointing you as their student and devotee. Be a perfect receiver of cosmos and its sensations.

Chant that very chant through which you wish to get initiation in ancient arts of wizardry.

like: Aum anamh shivaya

Now burn that piece of paper while chanting this chant and visualize that your god & the cosmos & all the powers giving your health, wealth, power, prosperity, protection and are forever by your side. Drink little water from that cup and sprinkle rest on your head and body and the whole house as a sign of anointing.

Blessings to Ye all.

Amandeep Singh

Sacred Dialogues, Interviews[ Amandeep Singh #SwarAdi]

Sacred Dialogues, Interviews[ Amandeep Singh #SwarAdi]:

These were times when I got opportunity to meet some of old souls, those travelers who have been into this path of Initiated ones.

Amongst such souls is one of my friend Edwards, member of Order of the Golden Dawn. It was an awesome experience talking to him and sharing experiences about meditation, luciferian, natural, chaos based wizardry.

I have been a big admirer of his father’s work in book called Transformations. Especially in a chapter where he explains about the sacred agreements between dark & light forces. Agreement of our higher self to act as our lower self as long as it’s destined.

Enjoyed 2 Interview sessions with him and yes! It has always been a learning experience to meet such traveler souls.

Also, been a pleasure to be a part of sorcerers guild group where got chance to write occult articles based on Indian ritual mechanics. However, the best of my experiences was to meet goddesses like S medina, Aisha Innana, Georgina etc. from sacred Luciferian groups. I am honored to be a parts of such open minded and intellectual groups as the gnostics & the Luciferians are probably the best groups I found and I am glad so far they have loved my articles on occult and inner arts.

You can find my interviews or my videos on my youtube channel Anaadi #Ancient call of the ancestors or with my name Amandeep Singh #SwarAdi

BT (Edward) introduces a new segment called Indian Magic with Piyu in which she explains Nazar Lagna and Nazar Utarna, then he and Amandeep Singh SwarAdi discuss Sikhism, Tantra, Krishna, Osho, Luciferians, Satanism, Thelema, Golden Dawn, Nagas, Crypto Humans, Lizard People, the Aghori, and many other things.

The ancient Khaos, the new age Chaos

The ancient Khaos, the new age Chaos

Beyond the Genesis, there was no energy or matter or time but there was pure energy as essence. That was chaos.

I feel chaos magick is one of the most ancient ways. Yes, it is new age cyber punk magick revived by few but. Think about ancient egyptian philosophies of Nu the ocean of chaos beyond time. Also, Ancient Greek mathematicians etc. Think about old cults of discordia & Eris. The cults which were based on cosmic concept of Khaos beyond time and space which is unknown.

This Greek Khaos is ever present essence of cosmos in it’s original form, which is formless, timeless, eternity.

I feel that makes the chaos magick, the most ancient philosophies of intellectual ones.


Indian music & gurus of india

Many a times, we Indians say that we have not preserved our culture or arts and classical traditions or music, dances, rituals, etc and youth of today’s India is responsible for it.

Well this is just another Indian statement to cover our own faults. To reach the truth you might have to look into our history.

Here ill talk all about what I have learnt in my music and my music education from my gurus and also by meeting many different ustads and pundits of different music families or gharanas.

I started music from home. As I was interested in spirituality and reading religious books and texts, hence I was very much into deep study and love with music. Apart from that I belong to a musical family and all of us love music and have good collection. My mother is a “sangeet bhaskar” music teacher and I got lots of inspiration from her.

Mainly I started learning from jaipurs kathak classical music family in jalandhar, then pandit jeetu kathak in delhi and ustad devender singh in jalandhar from Punjab bodal gharana.

Since my music education period, I use to see and feel the way there is contrast in the words of different music directors, different gurus and many different singers. Somebody would say this is the right way and somebody would say that is right. However, my mind says that, there can be many diseases but health have only one type. In the same way there can be numerous ways but basic truth and basic rules are the same. We can’t just completely condemn a point of view. That is why singers singing and instrumentalists playing and improvisation is called “iraadee” in our music language.

I’ve seen Funny people as music directors and artists who rarely would have knowledge but misdirect new age artists with their false ways of music which is wrong teaching and a black spot on our Indian wisdom.

In my musical journey I met many different ustads of jaipur gharana of kathak dancers and tumri, dadra, khayal and folk singers. Among them, ive seen such ustads with the most elite musical wisdom and hidden musical teachings. I have got great lessons from my gurus but I am forced to think, why this wisdom is not transferred to further generations or any disciples.

In ancient Indian history, classical music and its training was like divine spiritual training. It used to be based on Vedas, mantras, chants, breathing, yog. Hence, music was called naad yog. It was such a wisdom which use to be given to the students in sacred teacher student relation “guru shihsya parampara”. Ancient Indian classical music was singing praises of 5 elements of nature, the supreme force, devotion, singing praises of saints and kings of that time. Hence, it use to be kind of yog.

However, slowly there was time when its real meaning was lost and it became more like big classical ustads eager to sing in the courts of kings of that time and its very spirituality started getting lost in money or big titles given by kings.

Old Indian pundits of music who were actually ecstatic or sages use to train music as form of devotion but later the pundits lost their duties and their sense of musical responsibility got lost in kings courts and big stages. “guru shishya parampara” got lost. I have seen pundits and ustads who would just keep their students to do their household work. The students would spend their precious time with gurus not actually learning anything but just serving them as servants.

Then, I have seen and compared the western classical musicians and composers and their training style. They, treat it professionally. There may not be “guru shishya parampara” like Indians but when they train the students, they give thorough trainings and not just spiritual jargon or big talks. They train the students and they don’t waste their time. Result is they produce elite quality artists.

India has seen lots of invaders coming and giving their culture to India. Hence, our culture is a melting point of many worlds.

First India use be called as “jambudveep”, then Aryans invaded India and India became “Aryavrat”. Prior to that it was called “bharat” too with name of one king of raghuvansh called “raja Bharat”. During the rule of old kings, the music was totally related to devotion and divine wisdom of Vedas. Classical composers use to sing the praises of gods and nature forces and their saints and gurus.

Most primitive compositions were-

1 Shivpadi

2 Vishnupadi

3 Bhramh padi

4 Mantras

5 Shalok

6 Chalisa

7 Chaupadi

8 Ashtpadi

9 bhajans

10 natya geet & sangeet

11 padtaal style

12 Drupad & dhamaar style

13 Folk Music

14 Raag mala

“ramayan” and mahabharat” are also great work of tulsidas ji and rishi valmiki ji. Classical composers use to sing these compositions in different ragas.

After a long time mughals invaded India starting from babur. After the arrival of mughals many additions and changes were done in Indian classical music. Poetry was changed, qawali singing and sufi singing was brought by sufi mystics. The family of khwaja’s and the family of gaus paak, bulle shah, warish shah etc. many sufi saints gave lots of compositions and a different way of singing and dancing.

There were many muslim ustads who learnt Indian classical music and many Arabic or Persian styles and ragas or composition styles were mixed and added in Indian ragas and Indian classical. However, during the mughal times music flourished a lot. Lots of disciples learnt from ustads and many different gharanas or families were formed and gharana culture basically in northern India is created by mughal or muslim ustads.

During meetings and learning sessions from my gurus and many different gurus, I have found that Indian music have succeeded generations after generations by mere listening to ustads and following their styles of singing and playing. Even those who were not students, they use to listen, sing and follow their ustads or any favorite artists or classical pundits or ustads.

Also, I have learnt that in older times in india music, martial arts, devotion, technical skill, or good posts were only available to the higher cast people. The lower casts or the less privileged created either their own new art or music forms or just listened and followed the arts and music and practiced on their own.

This ridiculous tradition of pundits and old india was broken by invaders and especially during mughal rule. There can be many reasons of true music of India not getting promoted but the main reason is that, our blood is dark and seditious. We, the Indians have never been truthful to our own countries.

Like in old times Brahmins only use to teach all music , martial arts , yoga, bhakti etc. to high class students not the tribal’s or schedule casts of that time. This thinking of India never left the brains of ustads or especially pundits of Indian music too. Muslim ustads still have taught many students and given teaching of music but pundits never use to give their music to any one and rather use to treat their students like servants, who just use to do their household work for long time and then if the classical pandit or trainer use to feel like, he use to train that student.

I met pandit jeetu kathak ji of jaipur gharana and found him immensely talented & wise during those times I was studying and researching on the history of Indian classical music. He told me to talk to his guru “pandit chote lal ji” of jaipur gharana tradition, a devotional classical and folk singer.

“Chote lal ji” a very saintly man and great master in music. He told me how the materialistic and sex crazy kings use to keep only those pundits or ustads as their court singer, who use to give their female students to the kings for their amusements, so that the kings can keep those girls in harem to keep many women for sex, music, dance and amusements.

A detailed talk with “Krishn Kant ratawa” who started a group in Rajasthan dedicated to jaipur gharana’s “baba bihari lal kathak” an immensely wise and master singer. After talk with me I found out that, such great artists and singers and instrument players are there in Rajasthan. They do shows but don’t get enough money. Neither Indian government not local government promote them. Even “baba bihari kathak” was such a great artist that pandit jasraj, bollywood music directors appreciate him but this great artist and gem died in depression and waiting for the actual name and fame he deserved.

I had a talk to my Punjab bodal gharana guru “ustad davinder singh ji” who is the student of ustad fateh ali khan saab of Pakistan. They confirmed that they themselves have found that muslim ustads have still taught a lots of students but Indian pundits or gurus have never taught their music to any other cast person or even a deserving candidate of so called lower cast.

Likewise, you can see for yourself. Any classical or music student you ask especially in classical field “whom have you learnt from ?”, you will mostly get names of muslim ustads.

I won’t say this with happiness and I am not being judgmental but I am writing only what ive seen in music field myself and ive seen other students struggling for the same.  Our Indian blood have always been mean to our own countrymen and have never promoted or taught their true arts to the new generations.

I’ve myself seen many new learned young classical , sufi, light music students learnt from different sources like- books, their peers who are musicians, music teachers, academy, or different classical ustads etc.

I’ve seen many young artists who truly want to learn the true Indian classical and traditional way but the “gurus of today” don’t teach or give their wisdom to anyone & are not more than thieves and I will call those people anti-country. They treat students like servants just to do their household work.

This is the only reason that Indian classical music is popular more in abroad not in India because the institutes in abroad actually give the right teaching and right way of Indian classical music but here in India it’s still looting and plundering going on. New age students want to learn but rotten attitudes of gurus discourage students of classical in India.

Those elders who don’t encourage the youth but discourage are the true culprits. The masters who don’t teach are robbers.

I as an artist love Indian music but I know why it was not flourished. My words for new artists would be make your own ways. Listen and follow from heart, make notes. Find true gurus and don’t just trust one person meet many musicians and good artists and learn from them. Don’t ever stick to one person as we still can’t trust Indian blood.

Practice and Reaaz would make you the true singer or musician you want.

Amandeep A Singh/ #SwarAdi


Singer composer arranger

Mysteries of Ankh

Mysteries of Ankh or original way of saying nkh in kemet. It was said it’s symbol of life but it’s actually far deeper. It’s just like shiv lingam which explains the story of creation & destruction. The story and formula of existence itself.

It shows the following nature’s of existence the original octet, the God’s the principals of cosmos:

Nu & nunet: nu is original primordial one beyond time & space. It’s same as apsu & tiamat which shows the primordial chaos which is beyond time & space. All have came out of this chaos. All creation God’s or all dark or anti creation God’s or the apep.

Amun & Amunet: is the nature of existence which shows that it’s hidden force. Hidden in everything as essence.

Heh & hehet: this god couple is a sacred principal which symbolize eternity. It has no beginning or end. It’s Anaadi anant shiv.

Kek & keket: this primordial essence, ancient principal is darkness present everywhere in cosmos. It’s driving force behind cosmos. That’s Kali the Shakti.

These ancient formulas, these hidden codes like ANKH were meant for humans to understand the core and architecture of cosmic forces. Also, to make it in coded format so that it should be accessible to the chosen ones. For those who can read between or beyond the lines.,

Adoration to
Anaadi anant shiv
Nu ankh amun
Amun Ra
Atum Ra
Ptah Ra

Khepra Ra
Dua banebdjedet
Ya khum
Ya isis Osiris Horus
Dua dua dua

Ave Lucifer


Anaadi # Ancient call of the ancestors

Anaadi # Ancient call of the ancestors, is our forum, a community for all our initiates of ancient ways, all adepts of dark arts & study of it’s architecture.

I am Amandeep Singh Or SwarAdi a Singer/composer and a sage working on yog, inner tantra, luciferian, kemetic & chaos forms of ritual or cosmic arts to manifest. We here publish the essays related to different forms of rituals or theory or philosophy based on these different cults.

As I am a certified trainer/coach on Self development & corporate training. We are also into helping others for healing & helping people.

Anaadi anant shiv blessings to all. May ancestors bless thee.